Gaskets are the elastomeric components which are used to cover the intersections of two surfaces. They are manufactured from various materials, including foam, copper, metal, cork, or paper, and rubber. The gasket can be applied for various purposes due to the functionality. One of the significant purposes of a gasket is sealing. Other reasons include sound reduction, hygiene, packaging, and anti-vibration.

Gaskets are used in all industries, but when it comes to a car engine, they act as a seal. An engine gasket has been designed to provide a reliable seal that prevents oil leaks. It is also designed in a way that no form of air can pass through the surfaces.

The engine moving parts can operate together because of the sealed parts that prevent oil from leaking. Most of the parts that use oil may have worn due to friction and overheating. Therefore a gasket works to help any leakage.

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