Of all the features available in modern cars, the ones that seem to have advanced the most are the safety features. Moving hand-in-hand with technology, these systems have evolved to a point where they can predict and avoid impending danger. The new Kia Soul boasts several of these innovations, making the road a safer place.

One of the most common causes of accidents is the blind spot. It is an unavoidable situation on two-lane roads and the Kia Soul comes equipped to handle it with Blind-Spot Collision Warning. This system uses radar to detect objects in your blind spot and uses audio and visual signals to alert you. One other innovative system in the Kia Soul is the Lane Keep Assist. This groundbreaking technology can identify your position and constantly monitor it, applying the steering if it senses you drifting outside of your lane.

For the versatility of a compact SUV and the highest quality in safety, try out the Kia Soul and be prepared to be impressed.


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